June 25 2017

Agreement on the delivery of a 1 MW wave power plant signed with a Norwegian client in cooperation with HydroWave AS.

June 15 2016

A total of 4500 running hours were counted on the first sea trials on the H-WEC system, mounted on the research ship MS Havkraft.

July 13 2015

Havkraft’s floating prototype running continuously for over 2000 hours producing electricity in the harsh and open sea environment at Stad in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway, without any stops, through storms and high waters. Few – if any – have tested a wave power protoype in such tough environments with so many operational hours. The prototype will still be running on site to gain more experience with this game changing technology.

February 3 2015

Havkraft starts phase 2 of the testing. This is the last phase before the start up on the full size 1,5 MW demo plant.

January 31 2015

The full scale test of Havkraft’s wave energy converter was a great success! The system works as planned and produces more energy than the fixed simulations and wave tank tests suggested.

January 17 2015

Havkraft on NRK Schrødingers Katt today, to demonstrate the main principles of the H-WEC.

November 3 2014

Havkraft’s prototype is all finished and ready for deployment at sea. This will become one of the world’s first offshore floating production plants with the potential of becoming a «game changer» in the marine renewable sector.

August 26 2014

National media names H-WEC a potential Norwegian solution along with Statoil’s Hywind. Instead of Hywind’s «one large piece»-design, H-WEC is built up on small modules. http://www.tu.no/kraft/2014/08/24/denne-gamle-fisketraleren-huser-et-bolgekraftverk

August 20 2014

The final stage of the construction of the ship based wave power plant is comming along perfectly. It’s all counstructed at Stadyard, with assistanse from Smartmotor (Rolls Royce), Marintek Sintef, Nyborg, Kvernevik Engineering, Ulvesund Elektro, Stadt Towing Tank and many others.

July 13 2014

All is set and done for the final stage of the construction of one of the world’s first offshore floating power plants based on marine renewable energy.

April 15 2014

MARINTEK Sintef verifies Havkraft’s unique technology and its efficiency through advanced simulations. The key is to be so efficient, yet so flexible, that the wave energy converters can be fitted for survival to any rough sea conditions. Full scale deployment of a 200 kW H-WEC power plant scheduled in the summer of 2014.

February 12 2014

MARINTEK conducting simulations on the world leading H-WEC, making it possible to construct a variety of the many applications with the H-WEC such as power plants, aqaculture facilities, hybrids with hydrogen/wind/thermal, desalination plants, electrification on bridges/platforms/subsea and floating piers.

January 2 2014

Havkraft’s multi patented full scale power plant will prove a very efficient and simple machine with no movable parts in contact with sea that will work for several decades with a minimum of maintenance.

October 21 2013

Havkraft have started up the production of a full scale model of the Havkraft Wave Energy Converter (H-WEC). The converter will be produced at Stadyard close to the great maritime city of Måløy, Norway.

August 21 2013

Efficiency exceeding 35 % makes Havkraft Wave Energy Converter (H-WEC) one of the worlds most efficient OWC-device.

August 9 2013

Havkraft’s third patent WARE granted in the great nation of South Africa.

July 3 2013

Building cities on sea is a future possibility, now that we have the technology to «eliminate the sea waves as a factor». In other words – we can now control the complete energy field with all it’s frequencies in one passive system, making it easier and cheaper to build offshore installations.

March 7 2013

Havkraft introducing the Stadmaster as a complete ocean energy concept. Soon to be tested 1:1 in real sea conditions close to the notorious Stadhavet on the North West coast of Norway.

October 21 2012

Both Havkraft’s CEO and the company’s chairman speak about ocean energy as one of the world’s most attractive, long term investment cases available at Investor Day in Førde on October 22nd 2012.

August 5 2012

Havkraft invites national and international co-investors interested in effective clean tech solutions to contact CEO for prospect and meeting.

June 9 2012

Tomorrows wave energy converters will be 4 times more efficient than todays solutions. Higher efficiency combined with an extended production time will secure enough power production to finance the necessary platforms needed to survive in the most hostile ocean environments on earth. One of the main success criteria is no movable parts in contact with sea for better longevity and lower OPEX/CAPEX. H-WEC give answers to these challenges.

May 18th 2012

Havkraft planning a wave power installation on the North West coast of Norway. Approved testsites available.

April 12th 2012

New patents developed to optimise energy capture in the H-WEC-installation.

October 24th 2011

The patented H-WEC-technology has the potential to become one of the most effective technologies in the industry. The great efficiency will make it possible to reduce OPEX and CAPEX to a minimum, making it possible to establish wave power as one of the world’s new, great energy sources. We are now in the process of starting up a large scale test project. Co-investors will be invited to join the company.

September 19th 2011

Havkraft invites international co-investors interested in effective clean tech solutions to contact CEO for prospect and meeting.

July 18th 2011

Havkraft conducting new hydrodynamic tests to determin optimal design for next offshore prototype. The H-WEC is tested at Stadt Towing Tank in Måløy, Norway. Chief of technology, Dr Karl Christian Strømsem, is leading the operation.

June 17th 2011

Havkraft delivers PCT on the H-WEC-system.

June 4th 2011

Innovation Norway and the Research Council invites Havkraft to presentation in Måløy June 22nd.

Mai 18th 2011

Havkraft is planning a large offshore demonstration plant on the West Coast of Norway.