The Powerpier is a leading integrated wave power station, designed to last for 100 years in the core parts. Made in concrete and PE-plastic, you are ensured a system that is realiable decade after decade, working in harsh weather conditions with an excellent mooring system. In terms of sustainability, we believe that solutions that lasts and solutions that are gentle to the environment with a low footprint and a renewable product is a technology for a greener and cleaner future. 

The Powerpier has many abilities, both as a pier to protect a marina or as standalone power plants. This flexibility is gold for the clients. You can build systems in modules. You buy more modules as you need them for more power and/or more marina protection. You can sell modules as stand-alone power plants afterwards, or you can move modules between locations. What you need is what you get! 

The Powerpier is based on the reputable Ulsteinflåten, with over 30 years of experience in the harsh wave climate on the Norwegian coastline. Our partners Marina Solutions and Ulstein Betong Marine secure first class production and installation on the system, where Havkraft’s integrated H-WEC secures optimized power production from the Powerpier. 

All these factors make Powerpier the ultimate wave power plant, with a longevity and efficiency unprecedented in the business. Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) is based on a 40year life span just like hydro power, and the energy on site determines how low your energy cost will become.