This is how Havkraft target different SDGs

GOAL 1: No Poverty

To end poverty, we need to redistribute power, possibilities and responsibilities. By giving access to machines that can enable poor coastal societies to utilize their own free energy resources at sea, this could contribute to positive development on the local society’s own terms. Local societies that are enabled to grow soon will find a way out of poverty, and therefore we need to enable them as fast as possible. The access to technology that enable local societies to utilize their own free natural resources such as ocean waves has the potential to make a great impact in ending poverty. Electricity provides possibilities and income provides security, and this in fact reduces population growth and increases living standards.

GOAL 2: Zero Hunger

When a local society is suppressed by external forces, and they are rejected the ability to make their own future, the ugly truth is that people are starving on the brutal altar of greed and power. No one should ever go to bed hungry. And if we can contribute to making wave power machines affordable and accessible to more coastal societies, these societies can better be able to care for themselves with the energy needed to develop.

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

Good health and well-being are often equal to living in a developed society, where access to basic needs as clean water and energy is important to gain a certain living standard. Energy is not only for headless economical growth, but is makes it easier to do everyday work, to get access to media and education and thus enabling people to take better care of themselves.

GOAL 4: Quality Education

Through the access of electricity, education is made much easier to spread. Not only you get better reading light at night after work and play, but also it makes it possible for people to take part in the common global network of knowledge – the Internet. In our opinion electricity is essential to education, all though the modern society also should learn something about turning off Facebook from time to time.

GOAL 5: Gender Equality

The fossil fuel industry is a Man’s world, from the bottom to the top. Sustainability, however, is a subject that concerns both genders. We therefore would like to strive for gender equality in the development and deployment of sustainable technology solutions, no matter if it is in already developed countries or as a part of developing new regions from the dark shades of poverty and lack of knowledge. We need more feminism to succeed in creating a better world!

GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Electricity is crucial to provide clean water to many areas of the world. In many cases transportation of water is made easier by electrical pumping stations. Other places potable water will have to be created from cleansing or desalination of sea water. By utilizing wave energy, we can contribute to one of the most important issues in the world, the access to clean water. Combined with better sanitation millions of lives can be spared and millions of lives can be made better with clean water. This cannot wait. We need to act now!

GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

This is of course the goal that is our biggest strength and most important contribution to the world. Our technology is efficient enough to solve all coastal area energy needs, since the machine is sensitive enough to utilize all wave heights. Of course, cost of energy is going to vary a lot from site to site, but that is not the problem. The nations as spending trillions on aid and hopeless attempts on damage control. Instead they should be focusing on addressing the core problems, and that is putting clean energy machines into work as soon as possible utilizing local energy sources. This will make all coastal societies capable to handling their own power issues. And we’re not just talking about poor islands in Asia, but we’re also talking about the need for local power for operations and transport in a great coastal country like Norway – one of the world polluting countries in the world due to the utilization and export of oil and gas.

GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

By developing electrical systems based on local resources and even local production of components, it’s possible to contribute to decent work and economic growth in underdeveloped coastal areas. Many regions need more control over their own future and made capable of developing their own society, in all its complexity. With access to affordable solutions that matches the regions local resources such as ocean waves, this can contribute to providing work for many people and ensuring much needed growth in the local economy. However, we don’t necessarily believe in eternal global economic growth. On the contrary, we believe in better distribution of wealth and a global society in balance with nature.

GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

The utilization of a local resource is a great way to make path for industrialization, innovation and better infrastructure. The electrification of the global society from renewable energy sources as only just begun, and this gives us a golden opportunity to make the access to electricity more democratic than it is today. Everybody should have access to green power, and we can contribute to a great extend in this matter. Being an innovative company, it would only be natural that we could also contribute to spreading knowledge about innovation systems and how to make creative processes work out, adapted to local conditions. With electricity and industrial growth, of course better infrastructure will be a natural result.

GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality

We are not living in an equal world. Resources and power are distributed unfair, making a large portion of the human population to suffer and a small portion revel in greed. It’s also a man’s world, making everyday life hard for billions of women. We believe that this will have to change and that an affordable and scalable clean energy solution could contribute to reduce many of the inequalities of the world. With access to use their own resources, and with solutions that could be handled by both men and women, power would be taken from the suppressors and given back to the people and local communities. A revolution? Well, perhaps it is. Feel free to call the UN SDGs “the green revolution”, a global transformation that should be so much more than just the production of green electric power.

GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Green electricity is the very foundation for sustainable cities and communities. Most of the world’s large populations are situated near by vast concentrations of energy in the ocean, both from waves and thermal power. By utilizing this potential, great – yet space efficient – energy parks can provide any great city with their demand for electricity. The problem is not technology anymore, and it’s certainly not related to lack of renewable energy. It is purely a matter of will from those in charge. We can contribute to a sustainable electrification of smart cities, in a mix of different solutions with solar, thermal and other nature friendly solutions.

GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Area efficiency is important, since UN has stated that our greatest threat to society is loss of diversity in nature. We are simply using too much space to produce things we do not need in an inefficient way. This development has got to stop! Not only do we need to limit our consumption and be more aware of what we really need in our lives and the consequences of our overconsumption, but we also need to treat nature with the greatest respect and ask ourselves how we can coexist with nature in a sustainable way. Wave power is a great solution because it is concentrated solar power, with up to 50 times more energy per square meter. Combined with this, we build our wave energy plants to last up to a century, securing that the resources used in the production – and the space needed in the making of electricity – is as sustainable as we can make it. Of course, we will never stop improving our responsible production and we will never stop working on efficiency so that we can get more power out of a smaller area in the future.

GOAL 13: Climate Action

Global warming is one of the greatest threats to mankind, and Human’s great emissions are boiling the planet. 80 % of the global energy consumption of 16.000 TWh is still fossil! The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is piling up, making temperatures rise, continents to burn and glaciers to melt. The most important thing we must do is of course to reduce our power consumption and that we spend a minimum of power as efficiently as possible. But power is of course needed, and it should be produced locally. Wave power is therefore a key to cut emissions, replacing diesel generators and other fossil fuels worldwide at great speed. No generator is to small and no fossil power plant is too big to be replaced by wave energy converters. It’s only a matter of will. So, if the world leaders really want climate action, look to the world’s independent technology developers who hold the key to a fast and steady replacement of fossil fuels. We understand that a large industry will have to be transformed dramatically and quickly, but that is better than an unwillingly transformation on the planet’s ability to habitat people. Climate action now!

GOAL 14: Life Below Water

Wave power need to come second to life below water. We need to take care of our oceans and coexist with them. By increasing operations offshore and nearshore we need also in parallel to increase our understanding and respect for life below water and the water resource itself. How a wave power plant works together with life below water is essential to make sustainable power production at sea. From day 1 we will have this issue on the agenda and hopefully bring valuable knowledge on life below water that can make us understand more of its mysteries and possibilities.

GOAL 15: Life on Land

We have limited land area for our billions of fellow citizens, and much land is needed for good living conditions, areas for wild animals, food production, air production and valuable untouched nature. Therefore, building too much land-based, space demanding power is not a good idea. Solar panels in great parks can in many ways suppress areas that should be used for other more important tasks such as food production, so it’s necessary to look to the ocean space to provide humanity with green power. By utilizing land mass more efficiently and moving space craving operations to sea, we can secure life on land in a much better way than we are doing today. Both wave power plants, tidal power and thermal energy can contribute to a sustainable and green power supply from the ocean.

GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

Today many of the armed conflicts essentially are all about the control of energy sources. The fossil industry has made the world dependent upon fossil fuels. Either the countries have a dominating fossil economy, or they have made other countries dependent upon their monopoly supply of energy. This is unfortunate and it needs to change. To make peace on earth and secure blind justice for all, it is essential that each nation and each community has control over their own power supply. Each nation on earth have enough energy access to be self-sufficient with power, so the fossil power over the planet is unfortunate in so many ways. It’s time to enable the local societies and cities of the world to take more care of themselves to secure peace and justice strong institutions!

GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal

We can’t achieve our goals if we don’t work together. This sustainable development goal number 17 is therefore perhaps the most important one. If the world leaders work together with the local communities and the technology providers, wonders can happen quickly. In the last two decades half of the worlds extreme poverty is gone thanks to global partnerships and new solutions. This proves that positive change is possible. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! So, we will do our outmost to contribute in as many partnerships we can to reach the SDGs, working together with both competitors, other technologies and industries, the fossil fuel industry, countries, organizations, customers and even individuals. In the end we are all individuals with the same precious value, and we believe in the power of positive individuals working together towards a common goal. Only through optimism can we be able to inspire humanity collectively to act on behalf of the planet. Let’s get to work!